What Is Selphyl®?

Selphyl® uses platelet rich plasma (PRP) derived from a patient’s own blood sample to restore the skin and give patients a rejuvenated appearance. The platelets used in the treatment aid in tissue growth and regeneration, helping to naturally smooth and tighten the skin.

4 Areas



Dark under eye circles due to volume loss

Discolouration caused by medium to severe acne

Lax skin on the neck, under eyes and decolletage

Fine lines that appear on different parts of the face

Under eye hollows

1st area

Acne scarring

2nd area

Crepey skin

3rd area


4th area

5th area

6th area

7th area

8th area

Is Selphyl® Safe?

Selphyl® is a purified injection created by a patient’s own cells. There are very little risks or post-treatment reactions associated with Selphyl. In fact, the body readily accepts the treatment. It has been approved by Health Canada as a helpful anti aging treatment for fine lines and wrinkles.