What Are Laser Skin Treatments?

Laser skin treatments use focused beams of wavelength light to improve different skin conditions. They can be used to diminish signs of sun damaged skin, scars and veins as well as tighten, smooth and clear skin.

9 Areas


Laser Skin Treatments

Laser Genesis helps smooth and rejuvenate your complexion

The Titan procedure treats lax, sagging skin

Our Pearl Fractional lasers treat uneven, sun damaged skin to give you a fresh glow

Our Limelight laser treats redness, brown spots & broken capillaries

Our Pearl Fractional laser help diminish fine lines & wrinkles

Our IPL and Laser Genesis systems treat red discolouration

Our CoolGlide laser helps diminish spider veins, red facial veins & blue leg veins

The Pearl Fractional Laser & blue/red light therapy can help diminish acne & surgical scars

Our Cutera Proglide and Laser Genesis systems remove unwanted hair

Aging skin

1st area

Sagging skin

2nd area

Uneven skin texture

3rd area

Sun damage

4th area


5th area


6th area


7th area


8th area

Unwanted hair

9th area

Why Choose a Laser Treatment?

The concentrated beams of light in a laser treatment induce a natural healing response in your body. The single wavelength light also allows for precision targeting on the treatment area. A laser treatment is a great alternative to more traditional surgery, with only minimal discomfort and downtime associated with laser treatment.