Let’s be honest, we all have hair we feel self-conscious about and that we wish we could be without. So it should come as no surprise that laser hair reduction is, in fact, the #1 most requested aesthetic procedure.

Its safe and non invasive features only add to its popularity, providing an solution for diminishing pesky body hair.

Your solution for reducing unwanted hair

The Cutera Coolglide uses pulsed light therapy to reduce the appearance of unwanted hair. The treatment is safe for all skin types, including tanned skin.

Most areas will require between 3-6 treatments for optimal, long term results. The amount of treatments needed will vary from person to person, but will depend on not only the area being treated but also the hair’s thickness and growth cycle.

During treatment, the Coolglide wand gently glides over the skin to target hair follicles in the targeted area. Patients might experience a mild pinching or stinging sensation as the hand piece moves around the targeted area. Topical anaesthetics can be applied to particularly sensitive areas if needed.

Patients might experience redness and swelling immediately following treatment but these symptoms should subside within 24 hours. This non invasive treatment is quick, efficient and a great alternative to other more time-consuming hair reduction options available today.