Your skin changes as it gets older and so should the beauty products that you use. What once worked effectively for you in your twenties or thirties might not do the job at 50. This is only natural! Your skin goes through changes as it ages and with that come some adjustments, skincare wise.

While there are dozens upon dozens of beauty lines on the market today, we hunted down three reputable cosmetic brands that are specially formulated for mature skin. These brands put a focus on nurturing and improving the look of aging skin in a way that is subtle yet effective. Check out our three favourites below to find the perfect beauty brand for your skin today.

Josie Maran Cosmetics

Model Josie Maran started her successful cosmetics line after discovering the miracle ingredient now found in every one of her products: Argan oil, a natural ingredient filled with antioxidants that helps fight aging.

“While I was still modeling, I had a transformative experience with Argan oil. Five years before I launched my line, I was modeling in the South of France and I met this 70-year-old woman who looked like she was 40,” Maran says. “She told me she used Argan oil so I started to use it every day.

I used to have breakouts and my skin was really dry and I used very popular products and moisturizers that were not made of natural ingredients. I switched to Argan oil every day and night on my skin and on my hair and it was amazing. I began dreaming about starting a healthy and natural line.”

For women looking to revitalize their skin, check out Josie Maran’s Argan oil anti- aging beauty collection. The skin care range includes everything from eye serums to detoxifying masks that help illuminate your skin’s natural beauty and bring back that skin glow we had in our twenties.

Praise from others

I have oily skin with stubborn dry patches in the winter and I’ve repurchased this (and the light version) SO many times. Can’t remember how many bottles I’ve gone through, sometimes I won’t repurchase right away but I always come back to it eventually! This is because it really works. Generally will use it at night only and in the morning my skin is so moisturized, soft and dewy! Makes applying foundation so much easier, and foundation just looks so much better on my skin when I’ve used this the night before. If I get really irritated, red and dry skin, I’ll apply this then a basic non-scented moisturizer on top (Like Cetaphil) and it REALLY locks in moisture and transforms the condition of your skin overnight. Love it!” – Tiffany M

“I have extremely dry skin, and I can’t stress enough how AMAZING this product is. First, it is so hydrating, and after you put it on your face, you can see that it gives you a natural glow. Secondly, you can wear it SO many different ways. You can wear it under your makeup as a moisturizer, or you can mix it in with a more matte foundation to create a more luminous glow. This is a must have!” – Celina P.


Tarte is a favourite among millennial beauty addicts but this popular beauty line is also fantastic for an older generation looking to nurture and rejuvenate their complexions.

Known for its fantastic healing properties, the Tarte line is created without parabens, fragrances, gluten or mineral oil and many of their products are vegan. The Tarte starter kit is the perfect choice as it is filled with correcting essentials designed to treat aging skin. The kit includes primer, foundation, powder and concealer for a well-rounded choice of products that will diminish, conceal and perfect your skin.

Praise from others

I have been in love with Tarte makeup for a couple years now. I love the creamy versions, rather than the dry mineral powder. I add three drops of Rosehip oil and blend on the back of my hand before applying with a brush. This makes for a wonderful dewey effect, that cannot be gotten from just direct application. It also prevents the makeup from settling into my wrinkles at all.” – Karin

Looking Fabulous Forever

This UK beauty brand has been getting raves since since its launch in 2013, thanks to its positive messaging and fantastic range of beauty products for older women.

“Our philosophy is simply that age is no barrier to looking fabulous. Our beautiful makeup for older women is ‘pro-age’ which means that it is specifically formulated to suit more mature faces, eyes and lips,” says Looking Fabulous Forever CEO Tricia Cusden.

Their pro age philosophy is seen in all aspects of their brand- the models used in photos are real women who are friends and colleagues of Cusden’s and at age 60, even their resident makeup artist fits their target demographic.

Look Fabulous Forever offers a wide range of beauty products designed to bring out a woman’s natural beauty. They sell everything from eye and skin products to makeup tools and accessories. Their beauty collections are especially popular, particularly the Mother of the Bride/Groom collection. This fan favourite  includes over 12 fabulous beauty products including blush, mascara, eyeshadow, lip colour, lip gloss, concealer, primer and foundation.

“For us it’s about being realistic and happy in the skin we’re in,” says Cusden. “We’re not trying to make you look younger, we just want people to look and feel fabulous at an older age.”

Praise from others

“I am using Look Fabulous Forever that comes from London. It was especially created by a 65 year old woman who could not find makeup made for mature women. I love it and the shipping is only $5. Their website also has great makeup tutorials. Dame Judi Dench wears this makeup also.” – Sue Davies

“I have found no other products like this! I recently ordered and quickly received the mother of the bride collection (mainly because I wanted all of the items in it..I have no children! LOL!) I am beyond happy. The face primer is lush and silky…really very different from anything I have tried. The foundation is also velvety and lovely. You need just one dab of each..a little goes a long way! Next purchases will be the brushes. I will most certainly use these products after 25 yrs of using Clinique! Thank you!” – Julie