So you’ve booked your first CoolSculpting appointment!

Now what?

When a patient comes into our clinic for the first time, there are a few forms that they’re required to fill out before their appointment.

Before you get to recline in our comfy appointment chair and are set up to our CoolSculpt machine, we ask our patients to fill out four different intake forms in order to ensure the utmost safety and understanding for you, the patient.

  1. The treatment consideration form

This form is meant to give patients a clear understanding of what exactly to expect during and after a CoolSculpting procedure.  This form highlights:

  • Temporary sensations during the procedure
  • Potential side effects and risks
  • Results
  • Patient health history
  1. Patient photography release form

The point of this form is to grant permission for a physician to take photos of the patient’s body, before and after treatment for medical purposes. It is done to highlight treatment outcomes and document the targeted treatment area’s progress over time.

  1. Patient consultation form

This form is very patient-specific and asks about a patient’s goals and their treatment plan, as outlined by their doctor.

    1. Treatment plan form

This intake form dives further into the patient’s specific CoolSculpting treatment plan. Details range from the type of CoolSculpting applicator being used to the specific area on the body being targeted for stubborn fat removal.