December has arrived which means winter is no longer coming…it’s officially here. The fall season brought us sultry beauty trends that were surprisingly easy to try out and it looks like the winter beauty trends won’t be any more difficult! Dozens of noteworthy beauty trends debuted on the fall/winter 2015 runways but we’ve scoured the lookbooks to give you the most practical and easy beauty trends to try out. Liven up your winter look with these five easy beauty trends:

1. Bold Eyeliner Style

If there’s one makeup item you should not go without this season, it’s eyeliner. Or more specifically, liquid eyeliner. The bold makeup essential makes for a perfect finish and can be applied in so many different ways. On the runways, we saw bold graphics and designs, from a dramatic cat eye to thick bombshell lines. Designers paraded models down the runway in so many diverse eyeliner looks that it’s safe to say any bold look you try with eyeliner this season will be accepted-and applauded!

2. A Showstopping Red Lip

Red lipstick will never go out of style and this season, the ubiquitous shade is back and more popular than ever. The great thing about red lipstick is that it can go with anything you wear. Classy black dress? Check! A simple pair of jeans and white t-shirt? Works just as well! This shade is perfect for when you want to liven up an outfit with a pop of colour but don’t want to go overboard with your look. While a red lip is universally flattering, there are different shades of classic red that match better with certain skin tones.

For fair skin tones: A cherry red will pop beautifully on the lips of fair-skinned women. A wine shade is also a great choice as it creates a stunning contrast against porcelain skin.

For medium skin tones: While often considered a difficult shade to pull of, women with medium skin tones can rock a rich orangey-red shade better than anyone else, thanks to their warm complexions that complement the fiery colour.

For dark skin tones: a tangerine red looks spectacular against dark complexions. For something a little more subtle, a fresh raspberry shade will also do the trick, due in part to its pink undertones that are incredibly flattering against dark skin.

3. Sparkly Eyes

Many consider glitter a fad of the eighties but it can actually be a fabulous complement to many beauty looks. It’s amazing how a little bit of sparkle can add so much to a look. Designers from the likes of Zac Posen and Rodarte featured models wearing dazzling displays of glitter, shimmer and sequins on their eyes on the winter runways, making the eyes the definitive focal point. From bronze, gold and silver, attention-grabbing eye shadows took center stage on the runway. You can expect to see the trend show up in department store makeup aisles just in time for the holidays!

4. Blue Eye Shadow

Yes, you read that correctly. Blue eye shadow is officially in. Designers from Marc Jacobs to Celine chose a blue palette to go with their new collections and the results were stunning. Some chose softer shades of blue to create a romantic, ethereal look, while others dared to go bold with bright streaks of electric blue across the eyelid. Whichever look you decide to try out this winter, remember that precision is key- and never forget to blend, blend, blend!

5. Dewy Skin With Minimal Makeup

Ah, what a refreshing change. We couldn’t be happier to hear that minimal makeup is back in style. While you can experiment with the daring beauty looks mentioned above at night, enjoy a natural palette throughout the day to make life just a little bit easier in the morning. The key to having beautiful, clear skin lies directly in your diet and skin maintenance regime, but you can easily fake a dewy complexion with a couple of simple makeup tips.

Try a quality highlighter to give your face a healthy glow (without going overboard), and coconut oil to provide your face with moisture and a bright, refreshed appearance without the unnecessary extra ingredients.