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I don’t know about you but my mornings tend to consist of me either running around in frantic search of my keys (strangely enough, they’re never in the place I left them the night before) or half heartedly trying to pull my hair into a JLo-esque top knot (having talked myself into believing that I became a master stylist overnight.) In short, there’s never enough time in the morning. Which is why I’ve narrowed down a morning makeup routine that will help get you (and me) out the door in under 5 minutes. Look naturally polished without the unnecessary application time.

1. Natural Sunscreen

It doesn’t matter whether you live in Florida or Alberta. Wearing sunscreen is a must, every day, regardless of season or location. Regularly wearing sunscreen will help prevent sun damage which can lead to premature aging (in other words: wrinkles!) and more serious skin ailments. Natural and organic sunscreens are the most beneficial for your skin as they provide the protection you need without containing the harmful chemicals that non-organic brands have.

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2. BB Cream

BB cream has a lot of different name variations- blemish base, beauty balm, etc., but in the end, they all still refer to the same thing: an all-in-one makeup product. BB cream is multifunctional and is designed to moisturize, prime, conceal and protect against UV rays. While it is generally lighter than foundation, BB cream is a great light cover up that instantly smoothes out any imperfections and blemishes. Apply it after you’ve put on sunscreen and enjoy an immediate airbrushing effect on your skin.

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3. All-in-One Beauty Stick

A great way to look energized and polished fast is to use a multi-purpose beauty stick that acts as a lipstick, blush and eyeshadow all at once. An all-in-one makeup stick will instantly brighten up your complexion and give your face some soft colour. A cream-based bar works best for application as it is most flattering on all three facial areas. Dap a small amount on the lips, over the apples of your cheeks and eyelids for a dewy look ready to go!

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4. Mascara

Where would we be without mascara? Mascara is meant to create the illusion of bigger eyes- and it does so, perfectly. Be mindful of the type of mascara you use as there are many different styles that create vastly different looks. A brush with evenly placed, spiky bristles is designed to separate lashes while a thick brush will volumize. As for colour, black is universally flattering but experimenting with purple mascara (for blue, green and hazel eyes) and green mascara (for brown-eyed individuals) will create just as much of a beautiful look.

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5. Energizing Facial Mist

Top off your beauty routine with an organic facial mist that will leave your skin feeling fresh, moisturized and energized all day long. A natural facial spray will often have ingredients like Aloe Vera and Rosehip in it to revitalize you throughout the day. It can be used morning, night, or whenever you need a light pick me up!

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These 5 beauty products will bring your everyday makeup routine back to basics, with a focus on keeping your everyday look natural, light and elegant. Focus on getting products that are certified organic-your skin will thank you for it later, trust me!