Move Star Skin at Physician Skincare Centre North Vancouver

Have you ever wondered how some celebrities keep their skin so amazing? Is it just the province of the genetically-blessed and the super-rich? Not as much as you might think. Check out these six celebrities with amazing skin and take a page out of their glowing, youthful books.

Keep it Simple Like Halle Berry

At age 48 Halle Berry has bright, glowing, clear skin that never seems to age. So what’s her secret? Keep it simple. Berry makes sure she gets regular exercise for her skin and eats healthful foods. She also cleans, tones, and moisturizes every day. She also steers clear of heavy pancake makeup, a major offender when it comes to clogged pores.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep Like Cate Blanchett

Who wouldn’t want skin like Cate Blanchett’s at age 45? In addition to using gentle products with high-quality ingredients, Cate Blanchett always gets her beauty sleep. Chronic lack of sleep can age your skin, causing dark circles, fine lines, and dull skin tone. That’s because your body releases more cortisol, the stress hormone, when you don’t sleep enough. Too much cortisol breaks down skin collagen. What’s more, without enough sleep your skin can’t repair itself.

Ditch Caffeine Like Lucy Liu

At 46, Lucy Liu sports stunning skin. One of her standby secrets? Liu stays away from caffeine. Drinking lots of water instead of caffeinated beverages keeps her (and her skin) hydrated and healthy. If you don’t get enough water your skin suffers; your body sucks the moisture from your skin, causing your skin to look and feel dryer and lose elasticity, not to mention making your eyes look sunken.

Slather on Sunscreen Like Nicole Kidman

As a fair-skinned woman of 47 years, Nicole Kidman still glows like she did twenty years ago. How does she make it happen? She never neglects to use sunscreen, not to mention wide-brimmed hats, to protect her skin. And sunscreen not only keeps your face looking young—it protects you from skin cancer. In this case your beauty regimen might be saving your life!

Masque Up in the Kitchen Like Catherine Zeta Jones

Catherine Zeta Jones looks even better now at age 45 than she did when she first hit the silver screen. The secret is surprisingly simple: Catherine Zeta Jones uses a homemade exfoliating masque of honey and salt. This mixture exfoliates while it moisturizes, leaving her with a fresh, gorgeous glow.

Keep It Natural Like Alfre Woodard

Alfre Woodard goes for a natural and neutral look, and at 62 years old, what she’s doing is clearly working! Less is more when it comes to makeup. And as she learned on a 1986 trip to Zimbabwe, she knows that letting your natural beauty shine through produces an organic beauty that’s all your own.

The Bottom Line

We can’t all be celebrities, but it’s easy to maximize what you have and keep your skin looking great. These six celebrities with amazing skin provide a fabulous lesson for all of us. Which secrets are you going to adopt as your own?