beautiful girl wearing towel on her head worried about acne

Everyone makes mistakes with their skincare regimen, but these serious skin slip-ups are common. Many people take one or more of these missteps every day! And while the occasional lapse won’t kill your skin, repeatedly exposing it to harm will accelerate your aging process. Are you guilty of any of these six skincare mistakes?

Your Mother Told You: Wash Your Face Before Bed!

Slip-up number one? Blowing off your nightly face washing. Some nights it may seem like a serious pain, but those few minutes over time make a major difference. Sleeping with dirt, makeup, the residue of pollution, and oil on your face causes enlarged pores and acne. And over time it ages your skin faster. Afraid you’ll forget? Keep your cleanser next to your toothbrush so it becomes part of your nightly routine.

Don’t Skip the ‘Screen!

Exposure to UV rays is the biggest factor in premature aging, and it happens every day, sunny or cloudy, all year around. Even if you’re inside, you’re soaking up UV rays through the windows. What can you do about it? Never neglect to wear sunscreen, or a broad-spectrum, daily use moisturizer that contains a minimum of SPF 30. Your safest options are physical sunblocks like titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. Next best option? A chemical block that is effective against both UVA and UVB rays such as avobenzone. Sunscreens are the best anti-aging product on the market.

Powerful Products

If you’re using products for your face, more money isn’t always better. What matters is that your products contain powerful, active anti-aging ingredients. The anti-aging ingredients that have been proven most effective include AHAs, hydrators like hyaluronic acid, peptides, retinoids, and vitamin C.

Rough Around the Edges

All skin, no matter the type, benefits from gentle exfoliation. Whether you’re forgetting, getting lazy, or mistakenly under the impression that your skin is too sensitive, get your scrub on. When you wash your skin of dead cells you not only brighten up your complexion; you are also softening fine lines and wrinkles. To ensure even the most delicate skin stays soft and avoids irritation, exfoliate only once or twice each week. And always choose a safe exfoliation product; walnut shell and apricot scrubs are too rough. Instead use cleansing beads or a chemical exfoliator like glycolic acid. And remember: if you already use an AHA or retinoid product, you are already handling the dead cell process and don’t need additional exfoliation.

Stop Rubbing It In

Don’t spend money on gentle cleansers if you’re just going to rub your face raw with a towel after you use them! Pat your face dry, don’t tug it with your towel. This causes irritation and a loss of elasticity over time. And rubbing around your eyes in particular makes you more vulnerable to unsightly dark spots.

Check Your Neck And Hands

One of the most common skincare mistakes we make as women is to focus on our faces and forget about our necks and hands. Don’t neglect these crucial areas and turn them into telltale giveaway to your age! Cleanse, exfoliate, sunscreen, and moisturize your neck and hands just like your face.

The Bottom Line

What’s the verdict: how many of these six skincare mistakes are you making? You’d never deliberately give yourself wrinkles and spots, right? But if you keep making serious skin slip-ups that’s just what you’re doing. Stop your aging process in its tracks by maintaining great skin-loving habits.