Hope you all had a wonderful summer!

For many of us, all of that sunshine may have left its mark in the way of brown spots, and/or redness on the face, chest, or hands. These changes in the skin are the result of accumulated sun exposure throughout one’s life, and contribute greatly to overall skin aging. Along with uneven pigmentation, sun-damaged skin may also be characterized by tiny red facial veins, fine lines, or wrinkles.

Melasma is a related pigment condition that causes brown, patchy discoloration on the cheeks, upper lip, forehead, or chin. Melasma primarily affects women, and is often seen in those with olive or darker skin tones. The main causes of melasma appear to be chronic sun exposure, and/or hormonal changes.

As we move into fall, we are shifting our focus to repairing sun-damaged skin, and correcting pigmentation such as melasma. Now is the perfect time to transform your skin, and restore its youthful radiance for the upcoming holiday season.

Physician Skincare Centre is pleased to offer effective solutions for sun-damaged skin including:

LimeLight (Intense Pulsed Light) Photofacial – for reducing brown spots, redness, facial veins, and rosacea.

Pearl Laser – a minimally-invasive resurfacing laser that will improve texture, and restore a pearl-like glow to the skin with one treatment.

Obagi Nu-Derm System – targeted skincare that will correct sun damage, and truly transform your skin. Ideal for darker skin tones, and for patients with melasma.

Younger, healthier, glowing skin IS possible!

Please contact us to learn how you can repair your skin, and prevent new sun damage from occurring.
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