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Apr 30

Skincare for Generation Y

Although it’s easy to feel invincible in your 20s, it’s the right time to get serious about your skincare regimen. You need to make sure you’re treating your skin right; what your mother told you may or may not hold water anymore. And trust us, when you’re 40 and can still pass for 25, you […]

Apr 14

Six Steps to Softer Skin

Now is the perfect time to get your skin in shape. So many of us obsess over our bodies, especially when the weather is about to get warmer—and forget that our skin is the first thing anyone sees in a bathing suit. Before you bare (almost!) all in your summer gear and at the beach, […]

Mar 30

Six Celebrities With Amazing Skin

Have you ever wondered how some celebrities keep their skin so amazing? Is it just the province of the genetically-blessed and the super-rich? Not as much as you might think. Check out these six celebrities with amazing skin and take a page out of their glowing, youthful books. Keep it Simple Like Halle Berry At […]

Dec 5

Face to Face (2)

Face to Face – Dr. Ralph Bieg
Botox: What is it and is it safe?
Botox is an organic compound that nobody is allergic to. Botox has been used medically in Canada for almost 30 years and undergone over 4000 published studies. … Continue reading